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SJ Norman & Associates offers many quality services at very reasonable  rates. Below is a summary of most of our services. Our main focus is Network Engineering, VOIP, SDWAN conversions/solutions and Retail Rollouts. Please contact us to  discuss our rates. We offer flat rates, hourly rates and long term contract  packages.We also do Sub-Contracting work for  companies with clients in our service area. For  more information please contact us at  admin@sjnormanassociates.com or penny@sjnormanassociates.com. We are fully insured Through The Hartford Insurance Company. We are also licensed in TN, OH, VA, NC for Low Voltage.


• Virus removal 

• Corporate Break/Fix/Remote Access Repair

• Data Recovery 

• Networking (Ethernet, Structured Cabling, Wireless Access Points)

• Custom computer systems, POS Rollouts 

• Communication Systems (IP Phones, PBX)

• Custom Software/Legacy COBOL Progamming 

• Web design and implementation  Website Design Services


Is Your Website Ready For 2024 and Beyond? With our web design solutions,  you will look better and outperform your competitors! We build customized,  eye catching direct-response websites that look incredible and convert like  crazy. Whether you represent an Individual, an Organization, a Small  Business or a Corporation we have a solution for you. We take great pride in  providing not only state of the art, eye-catching graphics for our client’s  Websites, but also the functionality to go with it while putting a great deal of  emphasis on conversion! Websites do not exist to just be pretty. Every  Website has a purpose and we strive to make your website maximum  conversions for whatever your goal.


Direct Response Websites:  Is your competitor at the *top of Google* while your website is nowhere to be found? Are you getting the leads and conversions you need from your site? How would you like to have your business website show up in Google®, Yahoo®, and Bing® right when your customer is looking to buy your product or service? Websites do not exist to just be pretty! We take great pride in providing not only state of the art, eye- catching graphics for our client’s websites, but also the functionality to go with it while putting a great deal of emphasis on conversion! Every website has a purpose and we strive to make your website maximum conversions for whatever your goals.


Network Engineering:  Are you thinking of installing a new network, upgrading your network hardware, licenses and/or network operating system? Do you want to expand your network and need assistance? SJ Norman & Associates can help you with these needs and more:



We can assess your needs and current situation, develop a list of defined deliverables and recommendations, and establish a fixed cost and agreed delivery date. Because of our flexibility, we can design a proposal which will meet all of your network engineering needs.


Database Management Services: SJ Norman & Associates, LLC has a proven track record in database management services that is why, we have been trusted by some of the largest banking and financial service providers in the area. We are providing highly specialized and cost-efficient database management services to our clients. We believe that majority of ongoing databases require fine-tuning to ensure that they should perform at their best. We always concentrate on client's business needs and objectives and provide services accordingly. Our database services are exclusively designed to cater  to the different business models, which include, data conversion and data enhancements, data cleansing, etc. Our database developers are well qualified, expert, committed and professional. Before developing any database, our database developers do a lot of brainstorming sessions, so that they can provide the correct solution to the client. Size does not matter to them, whether you want a huge database or small database, they are game for it. You can always expect timely and quality services from them. Over the years, we have developed a lot of databases for different business domains. You will always get timely and within the budget database management services from us. Our database designing team is one of the best in the business because they understand the importance of database design. In fact, it goes a long way in helping your organization to perform better. We have experience in development and maintenance of databases on MSSQL Server 7.0/2000.MS Access, Sybase,  SQL Server, MySQL., IBM DB2.We offer various database management services to different industry types on various platforms. For more details, please contact us. Other Services Virus removal, Computer repair, Data recovery, Networking, Custom computer systems, Structured Cabling, Communication systems and Custom software, and much more. Call us at 606-622-9554 and we will be happy to discuss various options with you.


Voice, Data, Video, Structured Cabling Systems: We provide a portfolio of business and technology solutions to enable our clients to improve their business performance. Our services include structured cabling and indoor and outdoor wireless networking. Our industry knowledge enables us to help clients address issues specific to their business and ensure they have a competitive advantage.


A structured cabling system provides a platform upon which an overall information system strategy is built. We design and build flexible cabling infrastructures nationwide - structured cabling systems that support multiple voice, data, video, security and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer. We are a "one stop shop" for all your organization network infrastructure needs. We will help you evaluate, design and install the optimum integrated system for your company.

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